Thursday, 19 April 2012

The winners and some sad news

Hi everyone,
First the good bit the winners from the last challenge as picked at random are....

1st prize = Vicki!!

2nd prize = Karen C

3rd prize = Sylvia Blum

4th prize = Didos

And now onto the bad news. I know it is sudden but it has all happened very suddenly. We are going to have to take a break in these challenges. Sadly I am no longer going to be selling the decoupage sheets as they are not selling well enough to keep it going. I am trying to get some paper packs together but untill I have got some more done I am going to have to stop this challenge as I have no prizes to offer you good people.
For that reason there if you are a winner you have a week to claim your prize and then I will be removing all the decoupage from the store. I will try and get this challenge up and running again as soon as I can but for now it is goodbye and a massive thank you to all of you for your support upto now.

Huge hugs to you all

Amy and the whole DT



  1. Ah thanks for picking me as one of the winners,~Sorry to hear about the challenge stopping, Love Hazelx

  2. Very sad to hear you are closing down :( I so do enjoy playing along with us girls :'( Wish you all the best and hope for a speedy return :)

  3. Amy I'm so sad to read your post as you know I loved the decoupage sheets and always have from day one!! Hope everything works out for you and you return to the challenge someday!! Love & Hugs to you and your wonderful team Chanelle xxx

  4. Amy so very sorry. I'm amazed that you haven't been selling them as they are simply stunning and can be used for so many different things.

    I hope things work out.

    Claire xxx

  5. Sad that you are stopping the challenges. Perhaps there does not need to be a prize and you hand pick winners to get a badge/button to post on blog. Congrats to the winners.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  6. We will miss you and we thank you for all you have done

  7. So sorry to hear ou are stopping the challenges. I for one love your site and feel it is a great place to view some wonderful cards and techniques for inspiration. Prizes are nice..... but that is not why a lot of us enter. Your site is wonderful.... will miss you and hope your are back soon. Your site has been a wonderful source of inspiration. Thank you for all you have done!

  8. Sorry to hear this - I've enjoyed your challenges. I will miss you - hope perhaps to see you in the not too distant future x

  9. Hi thank you for picking me as a winner for your challenge. It is sad that you have to close down I hope you will be back soon...

  10. Amy we will miss you, but i know you will come back stronger then ever. Good Luck!!
    Hugs Nat

  11. I am so very very sad to hear this Amy as you know. I am addicted to your store and so I feel this loss a lot. Wishing you well for what you come up with in the future xx

  12. Sorry to hear that Amy :o(
    Hopefully you will be back.

  13. Sorry to hear the challenges are to stop for a little while.I have enjoyed taking part but hopefully it won't be long before you're back. Hope you gets things sorted.
    Hugs Sue W.

  14. so sad :(
    sweet Amy I wish you much success & happiness!!!
    tears here

  15. Amy, I'm sad to hear of your challenge coming to a halt. I am positive that the closing of one door, will open a door that will be very successful. Wishing you a most Happy New Year!

  16. Such a shame, and I would have thought the images were perfect for the non colourist crafter. Best of luck for the future.

    Lin xx

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